Virtual Training Sessions Available

I have been working on several short seminars that I can present via Zoom.  I have found that virtual seminars need to be short, but also information packed to hold participance attention. I have literally hard drives of information on table game protection and management, and I can pull together information based on the client’s suggestion and needs.  Following are some of the virtual seminars I have available.

Sessions on basic table game mathematics; understanding mathematical house advantage of the different table games and side bets, as well as understanding the mechanics behind game hold percentage.  I have taught this topic as a one-hour session, and I have found that split sessions of one-hour each with a 15-minute break in between is more productive (total time 2-hours and 15 minutes).

A series of sessions on card counting in blackjack.  These sessions include (1) Understanding Basic and common strategy, (2) Basics of card counting, (3) Betting with the count, and (4) Detecting and confirming card counting.  Each session is about 45 minutes in length and is accompanied with handouts, informative charts, and spreadsheets.

A virtual session on how to conduct Winning Player reviews and evaluations.  This presentation is directed towards evaluating winning blackjack play and is an approximate 90-minute session.  The presentation breaks down different methods used both legally (card counting, hole-card, etc.) and illegally (use of marked cards) and takes the participant step-by-step through the evaluation process. This is a great seminar for surveillance personal tasked with determining the honesty of a high limit customer’s winning play.

personally conduct the same review and evaluation for your casino operation (over the Internet) upon request.  All I require is the ability to review portions of the player’s video and a PDF of the player’s gaming hand tracking sheet records.  I have found that conducting player reviews over the Internet is quite efficient if I have access to view video and review hand tracking information.  If you have a customer who is continually beating your game, I can provide you with an expert’s “second” opinion.  

I have accurate information on COVID-19 and procedures for the casino.  If handled correctly and consistently, procedures can be established to make the casino a very safe environment for both the customers and employees.   I can provide your organization with a virtual presentation or assist in compiling safe and adequate COVID procedures.  This presentation is also a great tool for Regulators and Health Officials concerned about safe casino procedures and measures.
If anyone is interested in any of these presentations and/or winning player reviews, please feel free in contacting me at or 702-423-5734.  Currently, my prices are extremely reasonable.

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