Bill Zender’s Table Games Training Options for Fall 2021

Following is information regarding my Table Game training options for the fall of this year.  Presently, I am available to train your personnel either live at your property or virtual through Zoom.  This training covers a balance between a study of game mathematics, discussion of the best game procedures, and game protection issues and tips as to how to identify problems before, during, and after they happen.

These sessions are structured in the interest of floor supervisors, Table Game managers, and surveillance operators and investigators.  Training in this material would be beneficial for regulators and commissioners as well.

Live Sessions on property

The Live Sessions will be presented at the client’s property.  The instructor will require a meeting room and computer accessible projector/screen.  A handout PDF will be provided by the instructor.  The benefit of live on-property training is that the consultant is available for additional questions and to view the clients gaming operation.

Baccarat – 4 hours

  • Critical Game Mathematics
  • Procedures to Optimize revenue and Game Protection
  • Cheating and Advantage Play in Baccarat
  • Evaluating Game Risk and Evaluating Winning Players

Roulette – 2 Hours

  • Critical Game Mathematics
  • Cheating and Wheel Bias in Roulette

Craps – 2 Hours

  • Critical Game Mathematics
  • Cheating in Craps

Suggested scheduling for the Live Sessions.

Four hours in the morning and four hours immediately after lunch.  Participants could complete the sessions in one day, or the sessions could be split allowing the participants to attend 3.5 hours per day and still stay on their perspective shifts.

Training Cost

$7,500 total fee for two-days of training ($3,750 per day) plus travel and lodging expenses.  For smaller gaming operations I will work to stay within your training budget.

Note: Some clients do not have Baccarat.  Prices are available for training in Roulette and Craps only.

If you are interested in live training and have any questions, please contact Bill Zender at, or 702-423-5734.

Virtual Sessions via Zoom

All Virtual Sessions include a session handout and a Zoom review link of the session for additional training active for 30 days for additional in-house training.  Each two-hour session includes a ten-minute break during that virtual presentation.

  • Baccarat: Critical Game Mathematics and Procedures – 2 Hours
  • Baccarat: Game Protection and Game Risk; Evaluating Winning Players – 2 Hours
  • Roulette: Critical Game Mathematics and Game Protection – 2 Hours
  • Craps: Critical Game Mathematics and Game Protection – 2 Hours

Suggested scheduling for Virtual Sessions.

Due to the nature of Virtual training, sessions are limited to 2-hour segments per participants.  It is strongly suggested that the four different session segments be broken up into four separate days (client’s decision).  Sessions are conducted with all participants in mute format, with Q&A answered verbally by the instructor at the end of the session.  Groups can be of any size required.  Zoom review links allow the casino to show the session to additional employees. This format is optimal for distancing requirement under COVID.

Training Cost

$5,000 total fee for the four 2-hour sessions.  This includes the Zoom review links and handouts available immediately after each session.  For smaller gaming operations or only are interested in training in Roulette and Craps, I will work to stay within your training budget.

If you are interested in virtual training and have any questions, please contact Bill Zender at, or 702-423-5734.

Other Training Sessions that are Available

In my Table Game Training arsenal, I also have the following session topics.  All topics can be mixed and matched for whatever combination would be best for your Table Game operation and your personnel’s needs.  I will also tailor each session to your casino’s game rules and specific games offered.

  • Understanding Blackjack Basic Strategy
  • Mechanics of Counting Cards
  • Understanding and Identifying Professional Level Bet Spreads
  • Card Counting: Detection from the Floor and Confirmation from Surveillance
  • Blackjack Advantage Play
  • Cheating at Blackjack
  • Cheating at Roulette
  • Cheating at Craps
  • Cheating at Alternative Games
  • Understanding Table Game Mathematics
  • Understanding the mechanics of Table Game Hold Percentage
  • Table Game Physics: How to increase Revenue Potential

For more information, please contact me either by email or by phone 702-423-5734.  I look forward to providing the Table Game training you need.


Bill Zender

Bill Zender and Associates


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