Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bill Zender and Associates?

BZ&A has brought together a group of respected gaming consultants who have over 100 years of casino, card room, surveillance, regulatory and expert witness experience.

Who are these consultants and why are they considered respected?

Please see “Who are we?“.

What does this website provide me?

BZ&A has constructed a Internet based website for the purpose of increase gaming industry people information and knowledge regarding live gaming, marketing, game protection, and operations. You may also wish to read our “Mission Statement” page found contained in the “About Us” page.

What is a "Knowledge Portal"?

A knowledge portal is an area where vital information or knowledge is posted. The information, examples, programs, and spreadsheets posted on this page could have a direct bearing on the operation of a gaming establishment. Material posted here is not raw data, but processed information and facts.

What if I have some vital piece of information I want to share? How do I do it?

You may wish to post the information to the gaming forum in the area most applicable to the information, or you may wish to contact us to see if it should be uploaded into the knowledge portal.

What is the "Gaming Forum" page and how is it used?

The gaming forum page is just like any newsgroup or bulletin board page. You may post new posts or replies to existing posts. The purpose for the “Gaming Forum” page is to promote interactive communication between persons in the industry. At this point the forum is open to everyone so keep in mind anyone can read your postings. Also, remember to use standard web “netiquette”.

Where can I communicate my ideas and information with other persons in the industry?

BZ&A provides several pages for communicating ideas and asking questions. We provide a free forum (hyperlink) to promote the free exchange of information and our consultants can answer specific industry question in our “questions anyone” e-mail page.

Why do I want to use this website?

The intention of this website is to prove currant and accurate information regarding live gaming, gaming mathematics, surveillance, marketing and general gaming management operations. Subject matter in this website will represent some of the best information available to the gaming industry. A person can also use this website to answer specific and important gaming related question with the knowledge they will get a timely and accurate response.

Why does your website have an "E-Zine" or e-magizine? Isn't it the same as a forum or bulletin board?

BZ&A intends to use the “E-Zine” page to publish gaming articles written by our staff or other individuals wanting to publish postings with a gaming message. This page will also contain columns and opinions expressed by the staff regarding issues in the gaming industry.

How do I enter the various pages listed on the home page of the website?

All you have to do is click on the icon or hyperlink representing your area of interest. All pages are free; however the knowledge portal is on an invitation basis only due to the sensitivity of the information provided in that location.

How do I contact Bill Zender and Associates?

Either through our website e-mail found in our “Contact Us” page (hyperlink) or through e-mail hyperlinks found in our “About Us – Staff Bios” page.

Can I use information found on the website for my personal and business use?

This website was designed with providing information that will increase you and your company’s knowledge about gaming. All information is free to use, however only specific areas will allow for downloading.