Casino Protection and Gaming Revenue Services

Bill Zender and Associates was established to provide gaming industry owners, licensees, managers, and key employees some place to look when they need hard to find answers. Although our website caters primarily to gaming education, sometimes that alone will not satisfy every situation. Bill Zender and Associates stands by to provide the talent, skill, knowledge, and drive it may take to correct cash flow hemorrhaging and make your venture a truly profitable one. Several of our features are listed below:

  • Game protection seminars that are game specific for your casino
  • Courses on the finer points of card counting and advantage play
  • Gaming seminars regarding mathematics of casino and casino games
  • Video review of specific casino play or questionable situations
  • Evaluation of surveillance systems
  • Card room management and card room training
  • Specific live game evaluation
  • Casino and management staff evaluation
  • Managerial "turn-key" programs
  • Expert courtroom witness

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting us.