Bill Zender and Associates Evaluation

Casino Live Game Evaluation

The casino floor environment is one of the most overlook areas in the gaming industry. The live game casino floor needs to be customer friendly while positioning the games with a proper balance of game protection and game speed. Thousands of gaming dollars are wasted because of customer inconvenience and wasted time with unless and antiquated procedures intended to protect the games for overrated bankroll threats. In a highly competitive market it's important that you position your live games to generate the greatest return at the lowest cost to your operation. The evaluation of your live game operation by Last Resort Casino Consulting will reveal and mitigate operational weaknesses, while identifying exploitable opportunities. Several of the main areas of evaluation are:

Game Procedures
Time and motion vs. game protection; is there a correct balance? Are the written procedures the same as the procedures observed on the floor? Are game rules

Analyze Shuffles and Shuffle Procedures
Are they safe and fast? Is there time wasted using unnecessary steps?

Card and Dice Controls
Are the controls adequate? Are these control adhered to by your staff? Common Pit Procedures Are common pit procedures like fills, credits, markers issuance, etc, adequate? Do the procedures create unnecessary problems with time and motion issues?

Player Rating Systems
Are players being awarded based on correct playing assumptions? Is player reinvestment effective?

Evaluation of Table Game Mix
Does your casino effectively provide the games the players want? Is your mix competitive?

Live Game Surveillance
Is cover adequate? Is video available on important games for a reasonable period of time?

General Live Game Area Appearance
Is your live game area properly illuminated and ventilated? Are there situations present that create customer discomfort?