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The Optimal Baccarat Seminar 2016

This seminar will delve into the basic and advanced mathematics of the game baccarat, the use of promotional chips and loss incentive programs, advantage play attacks, cheating attacks, and much more.  On August 9th, in Las Vegas Nevada, at the Tuscany Hotel/Resort, will be presenting my latest baccarat seminar titled, “The Optimal Baccarat Seminar” 2016. 
I plan on covering a number of critical topics that every casino executive, and surveillance professional, needs to be aware of and understand; plus some new stuff!  This seminar is structured to provide critical information on baccarat for the large casino operation, smaller operations, and even touch on issues concern California card room operations.  This 7 hour session cover topics such as:

  • Mathematics for establishing house advantage in baccarat
  • Value of offering side bets in baccarat.
  • How to establish table betting limits both per spot minimums and table limits.
  • The effect of using match play coupons and promotional chips.
  • Advantage play in baccarat: card counting side bets
  • Advantage play in baccarat: Attacking the ribbon spread
  • Advantage play in baccarat: Manipulating card positioning (sorts)
  • Cheating: Marking cards in baccarat
  • Cheating: Switch cards in baccarat
  • Attacking card sequence: Recording sequence during the cut and card spread
  • Attacking card sequence: Recording sequence by penetrating card security
  • Future attacks on baccarat
  • The best procedures for your baccarat games

“Takeaways” of the participants:

  • Have a better understanding of the mathematics behind baccarat so you can make better decisions regarding promotions and player reinvestment and reinvestment systems
  • Help you determine a safe and profitable betting minimum and a table maximum for your casino and your customer base.
  • Learn how to determine the best type of side bet to offer based on the wagering levels of your customers.
  • Be better informed about the different methods employed by the Advantage Players for attack you baccarat games in a legal, but undesirable manner.  Learn the indication of play that will prepare you to recognize any potential problem sooner.
  • Learn how highly knowledgeable baccarat players will attempt to manipulate casino executives to provide them with game procedures and incentives that give the players a mathematical edge over the casino.
  • Learn how the sophisticated cheaters are gaining card sequence information through the use of video equipment and smartphones.
  • And the most important takeaway…Learn what are the best procedures to have in place for your baccarat limits and game structure to render your game safe and the most profitable.

This seminar is created for both larger and smaller Casino operations including California Card Room Casinos, and Third Part Proposition Player operationsIf you have baccarat on your casino floor, don’t miss this seminar!!!!! 
The Optimal Baccarat Seminar 2016 - August 9th in Las Vegas Nevada.  For more information and registration forms, please email me at
The cost of attending this one-day seminar is $500 per person.  Group rates are available.  The seminar includes snacks and drinks, handouts, and a certificate of completion.  I’m looking to limit this seminar to the first 40 participants.  The Tuscany Suites is located a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip on Flaming Road.  If you have any questions email me or call me 702-423-5734.

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