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Upcoming Seminar Series and Speaking Engagements

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World Game Protection Conference in Las Vegas – M Resort – February 21st
I will be presenting on the first day of the Conference during three morning sessions.  The topic of my presentations will be:  Bill Zender’s Lessons Learned as an Expert Witness
The title speaks for itself.  Primarily, I will discuss my experience in putting together cheating cases for the police or regulators, and how I proceed with criminal or civil cases as an expert witness.  During the three 50 minute presentations, I will refer to many of the cases I have worked over my career as a casino executive, gaming control agent, and gaming expert witness. 
Bill Zender’s Lessons Learned as an Expert Witness Session information – 9:00AM to Noon
Putting the case together for Law Enforcement
In this session the attendees will learn the basics of investigating the event, and how to put together the evidence, information, and witness testimony for the first responding law enforcement officers/regulator agents.  Examine how the casino representative needs to educate the officer/agent as to the aspects of the table game, and how the scam was recognized and how it gained an unfair advantage over the casino table game.

  • Taking action: Building a case or protecting the bankroll
  • Maintaining evidence for the officials
  • Handling suspects
  • Communicating/educating law enforcement

Conducting my own investigation as an expert witness
Even though it’s the prosecutor/attorney’s case, the expert witness needs to conduct their own investigation and analysis into the facts and the methodology of the event.  How much investigation does the expert witness have to conduct before he expert can take a comfortable position on the case?  Learn how the expert witness develops their opinion, and challenges the opposition’s opinion in the expert’s report.

  • Viewing video and documents
  • Building an analysis model
  • Making notes
  • Developing an opinion
  • Examining the other sides expert’s opinion

Testifying in court as an expert witness
Learn what you can and can’t say in court.  Understand the difference between what a gaming expert should say in a deposition versus the court room.  Examine how the gaming expert listens to and replies to the attorney on direct examination, and how best to response to the oppositions attorney on cross examination.  Understand what tactics the gaming expert needs to focus on when being cross examined on expert testimony.

  • Communicating with/educating attorneys
  • Preparing and handling depositions
  • Preparing for court
  • Testifying in court on direct examination
  • Testifying in court on cross examination
  • Evaluating your own performance

For more information on the World Game Protection Conference please go to;



Game Protection Seminar –Tuscany Suites in Las Vegas - March 21st and 22nd

I will be holding a two-day Game Protection seminar on Card Counting, Advantage Play, Casino Math, the Cost of Coupons/Chips, and Game Protection on March 21st and 22nd at the Tuscany Suites/Resorts in Las Vegas Nevada.

The Two-day Seminar’s sessions cover the following topics:

Card Counting: We examine the reason why blackjack is vulnerable to counting, and why basic strategy is one of the most helpful tools in blackjack game protection.  During the session we establish different blackjack game’s mathematical house advantage, look at counting hand strategies and bet spread requirement, and the different methods a professional card counter uses to attack the game and your casino.

Advantage Play
:  Examine the different ways the advantage player attacks blackjack and other casino card games.  Understand why our game protection focus needs to shift away from card counting, and concentrate on different forms of advantage play which have cost the casino much more money.  This session will be the first to incorporate information on attacking baccarat and a number of the alternative games every casino has on the floor.  After attending this session, you will find a number of areas on your casino floor that are vulnerable to attack which you have never thought about.

Cost of Promotional Coupons and Chips
: We look at the math behind marketing promotions, and how some promotions cost the casino more than they are worth.  Find out the actual cost the casino pays to use coupons and promo chips to attract customers to the table.  Learn exactly how long a customer has to play live casino chips for every coupon or promo chip he uses.  This session is probably the most needed by a majority of the casino professionals.

Game Protection
: This session is supported by different videos and demonstrations that show many methods for cheating in the casino today.  This session is the first I have offered where I incorporate several of the newer techniques used to beat baccarat that involve electronic technology.  In the past year, millions have been lost in the game of baccarat and this situation seems to be getting worse instead of better.  This session is not a magic act; it illustrates cheating moves and the indicators that you need to know to protect your games.

The Table Games Protection Seminar March 21st and 22nd at the Tuscany Suites Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.  For more information and registration forms, please email me at The cost of attending this two-day seminar is $500 per person.  The seminar includes snacks and drinks, handouts, and a certificate of completion.  I will limit the seminar to the first 40 participants.  For more information on Tuscany Suites Resort go to:


University of Nevada Reno Extended Studies – April 24th through 27th, 2017 – Reno Nevada
I always enjoy presenting at the UNR Extended Studies Gaming program regarding table games management.  The students are from different gaming regions throughout North American, and occasionally, from around the world. I will be covering the topics of Casino Mathematics and Table Game Management on April 26th and 27th.  Following are the topics covered during my portion of the four-day program:

  • Hold-percentage analysis as a management tool
  • Game probability and profitability factors
  • Game selection, location, mix and pricing
  • Marketing strategies and customer development
  • Customer service strategies and applications
  • Maximizing department profitability and efficiency
  • Casino database management for table games

See the Gaming Management Series overview for a full schedule of upcoming courses.  Email, call 1-800-233-8928 or visit the website for information about gaming management education from the University of Nevada, Reno.


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